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X75 STUDIOS produces top-quality images at competitive prices for our clients. We work closely with you to understand your needs and we are very flexible in our approach. We specialize in digital product photography for clients who need simple, yet refined and technically accurate images of their products. It does not matter if the image is destined for advertising, a brochure, annual report, catalog, or your web site; we can produce images of the highest quality and style. Not to mention digital photography also cuts down on your company's costs by not having to pay for film or undergo the costly developing process.

Our photography is unique because we believe all photos should be taken in an artistic manner. Our photographers are artists who understand the technology and basics of superior photography. Close attention is paid to composition, depth of field, exposure, focal length, lighting and contrast. All of these elements combined produce-compelling images that serve a purpose but also allow the viewer to engage their focus on your products.

During the photography process special attention is paid to the definition of color, texture and shape while highlighting each object's unique strengths. This is done through the use of high-resolution digital photography, proprietary studio techniques and pixel-by-pixel refinement of each image file. By using digital photography we are able to keep the photos in RAW format that allows us to color correct and enhance images to your specifications.

To view samples of our Product Photography, please visit our photography portfolio.

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